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Over 75% of online adults use social media. An effective social media marketing strategy will help convert these potential customers into actual ones.

Everyone knows what social media is – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and the list keeps growing. While they differ in their focus and features, each is a platform that allow you to share information with clients, potential clients and other contacts. But, what is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is using these tools with a purpose. It begins with a review of your business, your industry, your customers, and your prospects. Using this information we can create a plan custom tailored to your online marketing goals. The Social Media Marketing plan includes appropriate initial account set up (including matching the look and feel of your web site to as great an extent as possible to present a unified online brand) as well as ongoing social media activity guidelines.

These ongoing guidelines include appropriate posting content, platform, and frequency. They promote your company while engaging your community on topics that interest them. Content is designed to promote sharing and drive traffic to your web site. Social media is integrated with other communication platforms such as email marketing and methods of communicating such as blogging.

In addition, we recognize that a plan is often not enough – that many companies do not have the time to post online. We’ve seen all too many Facebook pages last updated the day they were created. As a result, we offer managed Social Media Marketing to our clients – we handle all of the posting so you don’t have to.

When appropriate, Social Media Marketing may also include the selective use of social media platforms for pay-per-click campaigns. However, unlike search engine marketing, social media campaigns can focus on specific target audiences (rather than specific key phrases). This allows you to target prospects not by what they search for, but by who they are. Webline can help you define your target audience and reach them so that your target audience can find you.


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